Does Vegan Glucosamine Work the Same as Glucosamine?

Does Vegan Glucosamine Work the Same as Glucosamine?

Joint pain can affect our ability to perform daily tasks and do the things we love. That’s why anyone who has arthritis deserves to find a joint pain relief method that works for them and their lifestyle. But the relief road isn’t always easy, especially for anyone with a dietary restriction.

Vegans, for example, are unable to take regular glucosamine supplements - they need to find a plant-based alternative instead. But does vegan glucosamine work the same as glucosamine in alleviating symptoms of arthritis?

FuelOrganics Vegan glucosamine is as effective as glucosamine in repairing joint mobility and reducing joint pain. Plant-based glucosamine chondroitin supplements provide an excellent alternative for those with dietary restrictions or allergies to certain foods.

So if you’re a vegan looking to show your joints some love, don’t worry - there are plant-based options capable of providing relief. We tell you how vegan glucosamine could be a game-changer for anyone suffering from arthritis and committed to an animal-friendly lifestyle.

What is glucosamine made from?

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance found in the fluid surrounding our joints that works like a cushion to prevent joint stress. But in supplement form, glucosamine is not a suitable option for vegans.

Why? Glucosamine supplements are typically made from shells, shellfish, lobster, crabs, or cow and shark cartilage. One study found that some glucosamine supplements with shark cartilage may contain environmental neurotoxins. This makes glucosamine not vegan, but it can also be dangerous for the environment and people with hypersensitive allergies to seafood.

That’s why it’s essential to check the label of your glucosamine supplement to ensure it’s right for you.

What is vegan glucosamine made from?

So you might be wondering: how are plant-based glucosamine supplements made?

Vegan glucosamine is typically made from soybeans, corn, avocado, minerals, or a fungus called Aspergillus niger. A study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that glucosamine is a significant and valuable component in the cell wall of this fungi, making it an excellent source for vegans to derive glucosamine.

Vegan glucosamine benefits

But you may wonder whether vegan glucosamine works as effectively as glucosamine made from animals?

The answer is yes. Vegan glucosamine has the same benefits as glucosamine, some of which include:

  • Reduced joint pain
  • Reduce joint inflammation
  • Increased joint mobility 
  • Repaired cartilage
  • Reduced joint stress

One study even found that glucosamine supplements made with soybean and avocado reduced pain and stiffness while improving joint function. They helped alleviate acute pain and were found effective in preventing the progression of further osteoarthritis symptoms. 

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Where to find a plant-based glucosamine chondroitin supplement

Most glucosamine supplements are not vegan - that’s why you’ll have to do your research when it comes to finding a plant-based glucosamine supplement that’ll work for you.

Luckily, FuelOrganics offers a Vegan Glucosamine containing all the plant-based ingredients you’ll need to increase joint mobility and prevent everyday stress. This supplement is also made with ginger, turmeric, and Boswellia, all plants known for their anti-inflammatory properties, effective in relieving symptoms of arthritis and improving joint health.

Final thoughts

Vegans often have to find alternatives for the foods they eat, the products they use, or the supplements they take. But vegans suffering from joint pain don’t worry that vegan glucosamine supplements are less effective. All evidence suggests that even herbivores can find joint pain relief while sticking to their preferred diet and lifestyle.

So if you want to avoid the ingredients in the average glucosamine supplement, you can! Plant-based glucosamine chondroitin supplements are perfect for any joint pain sufferer with food restrictions or a seafood allergy. 

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