The Best Time To Take Vitamin B12 Supplements

The Best Time To Take Vitamin B12 Supplements

Many of us have heard about the beneficial effects of taking a vitamin B12 supplement. After all, this essential nutrient plays a vital role in cellular function, energy production, and nervous system health. 

But to fully feel the effects of a daily vitamin B12 supplement, we need to make sure we’re taking it at the right time and in the most effective way. So you may be wondering: exactly when is the best time to take vitamin B12?

The best time of day to take vitamin B12 is in the morning. Take vitamin B12 with water and on an empty stomach for best results.

If you’re curious to learn more about how vitamin B12 supplements work and how we can maximize their effectiveness, then you're in luck. We’ll give you all the information you need to take vitamin B12 in a way that’s most beneficial to you and your health.

When’s the best time to take vitamin B12?

Many agree that morning is the best time to take and absorb vitamins, particularly B vitamins.

Studies have shown that B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, play a significant role in energy production and cognitive function. This means that taking this essential nutrient at the start of our day can help us get our bodies moving and our brains working.

Morning is also preferable because it’s right after a long night’s rest where we haven’t eaten in about 7-8 hours, which brings us to our next point. 

Should I take vitamin B12 with food?

While vitamin B12 can technically be taken with food, it’s found that absorption of this nutrient occurs much faster when taken with water on an empty stomach.

But why? Science tells us that vitamin B12 is water-soluble, meaning it dissolves in water before being absorbed by our bodies. Therefore, when we have food already in our stomachs and take vitamin B12, it takes longer to dissolve than it would in just water alone.

That’s why it’s recommended to take vitamin B12 on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning before breakfast time.

Can you take vitamin B12 at night?

While many prefer taking their vitamins in the morning, vitamin B12 can technically be taken at night. 

However, it’s important to remember that vitamin B12 absorbs best on an empty stomach, so we should wait until at least a few hours after dinner to take it.

In addition to this, many believe that taking vitamin B12 at night can negatively affect our ability to sleep. As we’ve mentioned, vitamin B12 intake plays a role in giving us energy and supporting brain function - when we take this nutrient right before bed, we may feel too energized to sleep, and our thoughts may keep us up all night.

Final thoughts

Taking a daily vitamin B12 supplement can help to ensure optimal nerve cell function and support many of our body’s essential systems.  However, we can maximize this nutrient’s effectiveness by taking it on an empty stomach with a glass of water in the morning.

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